Friday, 29 April 2011

Royal Wedding Fever: My Top Three Book Weddings

Cupcakes by Pat Greenwood
There is no denying it. Today's Prince William and Kate's wedding is nothing short of a fairy tale. You know it even on the way you talk about them. Despite the royal broadcasters best efforts to get us all calling the Princess-to-be Katherine, we still call her Kate. She is not "Catherine blue blood", she's "Kate: the normal girl who married her prince". Literally.

As I share in all the excitement for the Royal Wedding and cannot wait to watch the whole thing on the telly (and let me tell you, this is what makes me believe that over a decade in this country has made me British by heart), it got me thinking what are the three book weddings I love the most. After much consideration I realized I will have to put them into categories and they would not only be book related.

1. Traditional Fairy tales: Yes. Like any other privileged little girl (and I mean privileged as in to grow up with loving parents and a big TV as well as a VCR player) I have grown up watching Walt Disney, where the girl always marries her prince. My all-time favourite is The Beauty and The Beast because Belle falls in love with who the Beast really is, just like it should be. Her love rescues him. The ideal "love saves and solves all" finale.  
*Aw! I'm feeling emotional already!*

2. Modern Movies: The couple that did not quite get on at the beginning, but them realized there was a lot more to the person they disliked than just what they saw. Favourite: The Proposal. Moral: Love conquers all and, sometimes, it takes time. 

*Yeap. I'm running over to the tissue box.*


3. And finally... Books: The girl who risks anything, even her life, to be with the tormented boy who cannot live without her. Favourite: The Twilight Saga. Moral: Love is not logical and you cannot choose who you fall in love with.

*Definitely crying now.*

So you see... That is most girls’ dream. Even if, like me, you are a cynical skeptic. And it is not about marrying someone with blue blood per se. It is the idea of marring someone you have completely fallen in love with to the point that it becomes life changing for you both. To a girl in love, her man IS her prince regardless of him being truly royal, a vampire, a hairy beast or a Smurf with some serious attitude problems.

God bless the newlyweds!

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