Sunday, 3 April 2011

Mother's Day & Being "Mothered" in London

*hear the music building momentum* I'm Back!

Apologies for my short disappearance. When I went to London last Wednesday I thought it would be interesting to write about what was going on in somewhere new. Well... Lets just say that when I had time to write there was no Internet and when I did not it had full bars!!! Typical!

Anyway... Today is Mother's Day. So HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all yummy-mummies!

When I was in London I stayed with my crazily fabulous hippie art-teacher aunt: Juju. I woke up the first day and she had cooked me bacon butties, made me a pack lunch, had a tube map and directions to where I was supposed to be going and, if all that was not enough, she drove me to the tube station. I thought she was only feeling guilty I had slept in my car the night before as I could not get the new cut key to open the door, but she proceeded in doing this little ritual every morning. I would hear the knock on the door: "Rise and shine! I've made you scrambled eggs on toast."

I have not being "mothered" since I was seventeen and moved to the UK. Then life moved on and I married and had my own little one, which to me means I am a mother twice!  I only see my own mother when I go home to Brazil, once in the blue moon. So this was a big change and it was lovely! It did make me see and appreciate all the things my mother did for me and the things I do for my daughter. When you are younger, and possibly because you do not always know any different, you can only see it when you do not enjoy the benefits of it anymore and when you are a mother you are too busy to notice what you do, especially since it becomes second nature.

So girlies, for all your hard work as mothers, women, wives, lovers, best friends and all the other many adjectives that could most definitely make the list: pour yourselves and glass of wine (or champagne if you are feeling generous to yourself :-) and receive my pat on the back. Well done! And, hell, do we deserve it?!?


  1. If you need a sister, here I am Paula! Veeery nice blog, I love the stars! XXX Cristina

  2. Via Text:
    I've been blogged! Thank you! Juju xx


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