Thursday, 21 April 2011

Out & About - Clitheroe Castle

The sun has decided to make a royal appearance in rainy Lancashire so it is time to splash on some sun lotion (yes, because by now we all look like Casper the Friendly Ghost) and head to the Castle Grounds.

Equipped with a big playground, balling green, sport court, skate park, (gosh I am getting tired just thinking about it!) cafe, museum, art exhibitions, the Castle itself, gardens and enough green space to let your little one run him/herself exhausted, the Castle Grounds should be a little hard to miss. However, if like me, you come to Clitheroe on a mission to tick some tasks off your list, you might not even know it is there. There is a very simple reason for that: most of the things I have just listed are not really visible from the main road. So park up, get through the gates and explore!

Clitheroe Castle Ghost Hunt
If the kids are getting a little restless or you just want somewhere to walk around while worshipping the sun on your lunch hour, this is ideal. I sometimes bring my daughter to cycle here as the trail around the green is away from traffic and relatively safe. In a way, it is like a small park.

If you are in the mood to be cultural, you can visit the newly refurbished Museum, the arts exhibitions around it or attend an event at the Atrium Cafe. In particular times of the year you might even come across a public event or festival on the Castle Green and Music Stand.
Clitheroe Castle - Wintry Sunset

If you are into sports, check the skate park and the sport court. And if you are feeling really fit... Run up to the top of the Castle! It sounds rather grand, but "Clitheroe Castle" is really the smallest Norman keep in the country. If you manage to get up there, on the side that overlooks the museum, at the foot of the castle there is an interesting discovery corner for the kids and while they play, the adults can enjoy the views.

In short, there is a little something to suit everyone! When the sun shines, it can also be a little sun trap so come visit, breath some fresh air and soak in some much needed Vitamin D.

OUT OF CURIOSITY: Somewhere in the Rose Garden there is a gift from London. Do you know what it is?

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