Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Havaianas, Melissas & The Brazilian Rubber Shoe Craze

Brazil is in vogue. From holiday destination to fashion and movies, if it is Brazilian, it is hot, hot, hot. So what is the hottest Brazilian import of all?

I have to hand that trophy to the rubber shoes!!! You know... When I was little Havaianas were the shoes people who could not afford much would buy because they were durable and cheap. Adults and kids all over the "Favelas" (slums) wore the pale blue and white Havaianas. At some stage it was even listed on the "Cesta Basica" (the Basic Basket - what the Brazilian government calls the collection of products an average low-income family would need to live for a month). But in 1994 they changed their "communications" strategy, which really means marketing, and started working towards making Havaianas a fashion item. Since then it became a craze and you can spot all sorts of celebrities wearing them.

Melissa Kid's shoe
Melissa is following the same pattern. I remember having pairs of Melissas when I was a little girl. They were kids’ shoes. No adult woman would wear them. That was before they changed their hyped up the volume and became a fashion statement by working with international designers such as Vivienne Westwood. Now you can buy both Havaianas and Melissas at high end UK retailers such as Selfridges.

So you see? I have to show the designers and marketing teams of these brands some respect. They went from slum-must-haves to high-flyer-fashion-fabulous and that takes some doing! That is hardly surprising when you look at the array of colours and designs. You cannot help but want one. Back home you can even decorate your Havaiana pairs with especially designed flip-flop piercings! 

So who wants one? I want them all!! 

OUT OF CURIOSITY: Mind not to buy false Havaianas produced in China. Some of them are dyed with toxic ink and will cause serious reactions as seen on this blog. Even if you cannot speak Portuguese, the pictures should be clear enough.


  1. Gosh. I didn't knew that there's harm on buying fake slippers. I've got to warn my friends about these. They might get tricked and buy a fake Havaianas.

  2. i like its. so good models. but what the price of this shoes ?

    1. These are old models. You can find the new collection here:
      As to the price it varies in between R$60 (U$34.83) and R$600 (U$348.33)


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