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My History With Reading

I never liked reading when I was younger. There wasn't really a "reading culture" when I lived in Brazil and I was way more interested in sports, music and boys than books. I can remember my despair at having to read books for my Literature classes in school and college. Luckily, one of my friends was a book lover and I used to get her to tell me the plot of all the books I needed for my exams. I know... Not good. My grades in Literature weren't that great either. *_*

Here comes the irony: I moved to England, where the reading culture is not only strong, but it's a compulsive mania! I remember how I thought it was funny to walk into the Tube in London and see books, magazine covers, and newspaper front pages floating above headless bodies; and how no one seemed to care for the Tube's bumps and turns, all squeezed like sardines at rush hour, completely engrossed in whatever they were reading. Fascinating!

I'm happy to report that the mania is indeed contagious and I'm now another of those mad book lovers. I am also happy to report that the mania of wearing black socks with trainers isn't! (No people. You do not wear black sock with trainers. That's a big, I repeat, BIG fashion booboo.)

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