Thursday, 14 April 2011

Out & About - Genesis Hair & Beauty

With the weekend and the summer fast approaching, it is time to call the beauty squad and indulge on a couple (or in my case, a few) little maintenance procedures. You boys might call it a treat, I call it a necessity.

I could not talk about the "Ooh La La, you clean up well" magic without talking about these ladies! Genesis has a fantastic team of well trained beauty gurus. Trust me, when I found not one but a team of girls that could deal with my unruly, curly and stupidly fine bird's nest of a hair I could have kissed someone's feet! A few of those blessed hands have touched my "nest" without making it kink at some awkward angle that makes me look like I have been dragged through a bush, never mind gone to a hairdresser. Result: trying to accept a few compliments with some modesty. 


If you are not short for time, you could also try some waxing, eyebrow dying, tanning, different beauty treatments, facials, holistic therapies (good gracious, I'm running out of breath!), make up and have your nails done or even walk away with a new piercing! If you are getting married, I would check the Bridal Packages. I have used and abused of these ladies for a Fashion Show and they have managed to turn ten models around in no time at all.

And boys? There is no need to be jealous. The girls at Genesis also offer Dermalogica Treatments designed exclusively for men as well as the latest male hair do. And no. You will not be able to have a cut-throat shave here. Try "The Men's Room". Unfortunately I cannot review that one because I do not have a beard. ^_^  I do believe the shave there is very good, though. Or so my husband tells me, and every male I know that has been, for that matter.  

So you see... If I want to morph from caterpillar to butterfly, this is usually my first stop. I do not think the prices are expensive. If you want to enjoy the full benefit of it, however, I would recommend you check the packages rather than individual treatments. For example, instead of asking for a full leg, bikini and underarms wax, ask for the "Holiday Wax" and save yourself some money. If you need to “brush up” for the weekend, book in advance as they are usually fully booked towards the back end of the week. I know. I’ve tried! It did not work. I had to wear winter shoes for a spring wedding. Not a good look.

I reckon it is time I go from ugly duckling to swan, I can feel a makeover coming. All VERY necessary, of course! DO NOT tell my husband otherwise. *scowls in a threatening way*

Ambient: *****
Price: £££
Children: Yes
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Genesis Hair & Beauty
25-27 Wellgate 
Clitheroe, Lancs. BB7 2DP
Tel: 01200 442 259

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  1. Via Facebook: Genesis Hair & Beauty Clitheroe Thanks Paula the review is fantastic!! x


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