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I have to admit that I love music as much as I love reading. My excuse is that it's a type of writing and therefore I am allowed to compare the two.

I know... I'm walking a very fine line. But in my defense, I only really love music that has both - good beats and good lyrics. The other issue I have is that, thanks to my varied international friends, I'm always coming across great tracks from all corners of the world and it would be selfish to keep them all to myself. Since Northern English Mondays are usually grey and rainy, I thought a good tune ought to keep the Monday post-weekend blues at bay. :)

Under Music Mondays in the FINDING ARTICLES side bar you will find all current and past ones. You can also search by the nationality and name of the artist and genre of music. And don't worry. If it's in another language, I'll translate it.

You can also hear all the tracks on my PaulaSHx - Music Mondays playlist on YouTube.

Have a happy Monday!!


Map by Michael Tompsett
Eating, Shopping, Dancing, Entertaining... All the things a Brazilian girl gets up to in Northern

Check Out & About in the FINDING ARTICLES side bar for more information on places to visit, indulge, eat and shop in the Ribble Valley and surrounding areas.

On BLOG SEARCH you can search by type of business and area, for example, "Museum Liverpool" or "Restaurant Clitheroe" and all the relevant entries will be listed for you.

Or you can SEARCH BY TYPE OF BUSINESS by clicking one of the categories below:


Ambient & Food:
      *  = Don't bother
      ** = Not the best
      *** = Visit once
      **** = Lovely, must visit again
      ***** = Amazing!

           £ = Cheap as Peas
           ££ = Cheap
           £££ = Reasonable
           ££££ = Worth the Money
           £££££ = Expensive

For Book Shops - Stock:

      *  = Bare Basics
      ** = OK
      *** = Good Selection
      **** = Wide Choice
      ***** = Incl. Books in Different Languages

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