Saturday, 2 August 2014

Bookish Comic Strips

These comic strips are so cute, I just had to share them. Not to mention that, as a book lover or a writer, you might sympathise with some of them. :)

These two are definitely me. I love the smell of old books! In fact, did you know books can smell differently as they age, depending on the binding process they underwent during publication? No? Read more about it and other bookish nerd facts here.

Which book lover has not stayed awake until some ridiculous o'clock to finish a chapter or a book? And which bookworm has not hid in a secret corner somewhere in the library, under the duvet, in the garden, to read that all so important moment of the book when all the pieces of the puzzle come together and you finally get the whole picture? Yes, you know what I'm talking about. Don't talk to us when the world is about to fictionally end.

For the aspiring or published writers out there, this one says it all. It's that all too familiar feeling "it sounded funny/sexy/romantic/intriguing in my head." Good writing provokes a reaction. You laugh your head off; you gain some insight into your own nature; you feel inspired; you dream. You bawl your eyes out; you suffer as if it was you; you throw the book on the floor, you want to burn it with your anger; you even wish someone (a character) dead. Somehow, your very real and human partner just doesn't step up to the fictional love mark; that main character is your reserve wife/husband; oh, if he/she was real! Behind all those feelings there is a writing genius, someone that brought that book to life after many hours of labour. And at some point, they too would have been human and doubted their gift, like every other mortal. Hats off to them, not only for creating the world we love to travel to and in, but for persevering against their own mental blocks and blank spots. Knights in their literary armour. :)

Friday, 1 August 2014

August 2014 ~ Events for Book Lovers, Writers and Curious Souls

This will be a busy summer! Competitions, book clubs, writing groups, theatre, signings, comic cons, festivals, exhibitions... It's all going on in August. And if you are a fan of sci-fi, this is definitely a good month for you.


Deadline: Fri 28th August ~ Are you an aspiring crime writer? Then The Northern Crime Competition is looking for you. The winning novel will be published on eBook and paper. More information

Deadline: Sun 31t August ~ Just the thing for aspiring poets. The Portico Brotherton Poetry Prize is now open for entries. The theme is 'Conflict and Community'. You can focus on particular conflicts and their effect on the community or write from the perspective of an individual experiencing conflict. Check categories and details.

Deadline: Mon 15th September ~ Fancy winning return tickets to Brazil? Well... Undergraduates studying a Portuguese language course in any UK university can. All you have to do is write an essay. More information.


Don't forget to check your local library and bookshop for events. Most of them host book clubs and writing groups. Libraries, in particular, are very good at hosting events for young children.

Mon 11th August ~ The Continental Book Club takes place in Preston on the second Monday of every month and it's FREE. This month, the club reads and discusses the winner of Theakstons Old Peculiar 2014 Crime Novel of the Year, Rubberneck by Belinda Bauer. In September, they read The Library of Unrequited Love by Sophie Divry. Details and location here. Tags: BOOK CLUBS

Mon 18th August ~ Geek Up Preston takes place every third Monday of the month at The Continental and it's aimed at people working or interested in the Internet & Technology Industry. Ideal if you want to meet and chat with web developers and programmers. Notice I said 'meet and chat', not network. You'll most certainly do both, but this is a casual social event, rather than a business scouting session, so have a taste of one of the many local and international beers served at the bar and go make some new friends. :) Details. Tags: SOCIAL EVENTS, NETWORKING, TECHNOLOGY, LOCAL EVENTS

Mon 25th August ~ The ScRibble Creative Writing Group meets on the last Monday of every month at The Continental in Preston. It's free to join and it offers a monthly challenge, writing exercises and constructive feedback on your writing. Ideal if you want to strengthen your writing or build your confidence in your writing skills. Location and more info. Tags: WRITING


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