Friday, 22 April 2011

A Dose of Fear - Do you love seeing it as much as reading about it?

I love fantasy books and inevitably there are always demons, fairies, vampires, werewolves, in short, something fishy and spooky going on in the story. However, recently I found that while I love reading about them, I do not like the idea that they might exist.

A Spanish TV program decided to talk about fear, so they pranked a hotel corridor by making a normal girl stand alone in her nighties and messy hair right in the middle of it. People's reactions was definitely "interesting" and basically, according to the program, when "crapping yourself" you react in one of three ways: 1. you run, 2. you get aggressive and defensive or 3. you are paralysed. I have watched this video and rolled on the floor laughing, but what would I do if it was me? Probably leg it! What would you do? I know the video is in Spanish, but fast forward to 0:40 seconds and you'll get the gist. One word: hilarious!

Now, if you really want to jump out of your chair... check this one! I couldn't finish watching it!!! The funny thing is: this is possibly what happens in most of my favourite books. Go figure!

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