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Welcome to PaulaSHx! I love a good story and there are many ways you can tell one.

Words fascinate me. When put together by a storyteller, be it in music, film or book, they can make you laugh, cry, be stunned into silence, travel into other worlds... Dream. So here is where I show my appreciation to those wonderful words and those talented human beings - the storytellers.

Encouraged by my dad, who loved the fact I wanted to learn another language, I came to the UK when I was 17. The plan back then was to study English and Photography for three years and then return home to finish my degree in Journalism. Needless to say, it didn't quite go according to plan and I'm still here. The British might call it a little hiccup, the Americans - a curveball and the Brazilians - "um puto de um pepino" (a mothership of a cucumber - I would not dare to think where that phrase came from or what it might be referring to!)  but I like to say that life's curves made my life complete. :)

I'm currently working towards a BA Hons. degree in English Language & Linguistics and Creative Writing as well as enjoying life in the beautiful and idyllic Ribble Valley in Lancashire England where, despite being around for years and considering myself Brazilian by birth and British by heart, I still stick out like a sore thumb.

"You never know what the only Brazilian in the Village will get up to". In some ways, though, I love and am thankful I can hide behind my "fiery Latin blood". Whenever I do anything slightly outrageous the local folk sigh and sing in unison: "She's Brazilian. It's her mad Latin blood." :)

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