Monday, 4 April 2011

Music Mondays - My Heart is Like a Flower by Hannah Atkins

It was about time I introduced you to some local talent. This is Hannah Atkins, a Manchester based singer-songwriter and she is hugely talented. I have seen this lady perform live and she needed nothing more than her voice, a guitar, a violin, a piano and a loop machine. You felt like you were listening to an entire band, but there was only her! I hate when people are this talented. It makes me feel rather plain.

Moving on swiftly... I would easily compare Hannah to Imogen Heap and her Folktronica sound. "My Heart Is Like A Flower" is the first song of Atkins' third album "Falling". As she is an "Indy" artist, I could not find a MTV style video of this song, not that it makes much difference, mind you. Hannah singing live is pretty much the same as her produced record, but I would urge you to visit her website by clicking here and listen to the whole song as this is a shorter version. While you are at it, have a listen to "I Love The Way", which I am sure anyone in a long distance relationship will enjoy.

I hope you like her sound as much as I do!


My Heart Is Like A Flower by Hannah Atkins

My heart is like a flower
Fooled by the moonlight
Thought the warmth was the sun
And opened in the night

The night was so cold
Yet the flower so sure
That its petals were ruined
And fell on the floor

What am I to do? (4x)

The grace of Creator
Saw only potential
Thought "How can I make something good out of this?"

So He started again
Made the flower more beautiful
Only to be opened by the sun with a kiss

Now I'm whole again (4x)

Now I'm whole again
I can live and love again
Now I'm whole again
I can live in hope again

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