Saturday, 11 August 2012

Share Your Read {1}

Earlier today my daughter and I had a little bonding session while we read our books in the sunshine. So I thought... Why not do it here too?

Just for a little bit of fun, open the book you're currently reading on page 30 and pick the paragraph you like the most. Then write it in the comment box with the name of the book and the author. The idea is to give people a little teaser (who knows, maybe even inspire them to read it too?) and share our love for reading. 

I'll start it! Here is a paragraphs from page 30 of Johnny Ray's The Heritage:

'He walked around to her side [of the car] to open the door, as she extended her hand for help in climbing out. He didn't mind; it gave him a chance to hold her hand, a soft yet warm connection he had avoided for most of his life. "I'll have you back home in a few minutes."'


  1. Cool idea, Paula. I'm currently reading AT YELLOW LAKE by Jane McLoughlin – very good it is too. Here's the opening para on page 30:

    The good, safe feeling we took with us to Welmer lasted about a month. So did the heat. I spent most of my time watching daytime TV, praying the clanking air conditioner wouldn't conk out. Sometimes I'd walk around Welmer. Ah, Welmer – a drugstore, two taverns and a Hardware Hank.

    1. Thanks Dave! I read this and laughed. It sounds like my Summer, albeit Welmer is bigger than the village I live in! Brilliant. Will check it out.

  2. I've just finished reading 'The Silent Gondoliers' by William Goldman:

    And of course Laura Lorenzini was watching too. Laura Lorenzini was twenty and by far the most beautiful girl in all Venice. She had green eyes and night-black hair that tumbled down to her fanny. The Venice town council had, the previous year, contemplated ruling her figure illegal, such were the the thoughts it put in the minds of old men. She worked in a small grocery store that belonged to her father. She dreamed of but one thing: marrying a gondolier. A great gondolier. A gondolier so talented he might be able to take on SPLAT Corner without trembling.

    1. Thnaks Katharine! Oooo... This sounds interesting! The silent ones are always the dangerous ones. Is it a romance novel?


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