Monday, 13 August 2012

Music Mondays - Hands Are Clever by Alex Clare

British singer-songwriter Alex Clare has featured on Music Mondays before with his song Too Close, which hit the charts after being the soundtrack to the Internet Explore 9 advert earlier this year.

Hands Are Clever is fun, vibrant and naughty. I absolutely love how mischievous the lyrics are. And although I'm not usually into this brass heavy type of beat, I really like this one. It has become one of my favourites in my holiday playlist. 

I hope you enjoy it too. Happy Monday! 


by Alex Clare

Care about no history
I just wanna go and raise a family with you
Raise 'em good, 
Raise 'em properly.

If you're a car
You're built for speed 
And I wanna go fast so gimme what I need now
I bet you heard that all the time

I've been watchin' you sitting there
And I wanna hold you near

Words are clever, hands are better
So let's put them together
Do you want what I got?
'Cause I need you company
If you got a thing that I said
And your tired of playing games on me.

I'm gonna get you those precious things
Like old brand whisky and chicken wings
See, that's a promise I can keep

I like chashmere, I like your sweater
But if you take it off we'll both feel better
You know I'll help you happily

If these lights are low enough
No one is gonna see you blush


There is only so much I can say
To convince you
Though words they have their place,
Not in the bedroom
Say I don't care if you go
But that's a lie 'cause I do.


And you tired of playing games on me.

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