Monday, 20 August 2012

Music Mondays - Clear by Nizlopi

Today I'm a little nostalgic, so I'm going for Nizlopi.This British two piece band split a couple of years ago, but I still love their sound. 

Just in case you're wondering where the name comes from or what it means, Nizlopi was the name of a Hungarian girl one of the members of the band had a crash on when he was in primary school. That's quite sweet, if you ask me. I wonder if she knows?

Anyway... This is Clear - the gorgeous song that has inspired a scene in the novel I'm currently writing.

Happy Monday peeps! I hope you all have an amazing week!


by Nizlopi

(one, two, three, four)

When I'm naked with you,
In this third story Oxford,
Wow I'm shaking with you,
Huge feelings, huge feelings,
While you feel them too,
But in a different way than I do,
Yeah, I'm all curled up by you,
Little in love too, little in love!

But we didnt get it clear,
We didnt get it clear,

'Cause I need someone to,
Really give myself up to,
And you want it too,
Our hearts still open but,
I'm rarely spoken to by anyone,
That language frightens them.

And you'r not made of iron,
In fact your more scared than I am,
In fact you're more scared than me,
And you got less power than men,
'Cause men have driven you crazy,
And we never get it clear,
And we never get it clear


'Cause tho I miss you,
When I kiss you,
We rarely let go,
And I wanna go off,
To that feeling of,
To the ceiling,
Whats this hour in,
Where we only just begin.

What'd you do when you're blown apart, blown apart?
Love is hard like Napoleon Bonaparte,
You loose and the blues speak through you,
Who can deny a voice that is so true?

I'm amazed by you darling,
Even though you treat me like Joseph Stalin,
I'm gonna train my heart like a shoalin,
Monk, that'll never throw the towel in.


So clear your room out
Clear your mind out out
Clear your eyes out
Let's get it clear now
Clear your soul out
Let's get it clear now
Pour your heart out
You pour your heart out, to me oh

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