Monday, 6 August 2012

Music Mondays - Translation of Ai Vem Ele by Luisa Maita

New look, new ideas... Now we need a soundtrack! Welcome to the new version of PaulaSHx!!! 

Luisa Maita is a Brazilian singer songwriter from Sao Paulo. I love her smooth voice and her mixture of traditional Brazilian MPB, Bossa Nova and Samba with modern exotic beats. That's not to mention her sensual, laid-back, ultra feminine but strong charisma. 

Ai Vem Ele (Here He Comes) talks about the sensations and thoughts that go through your head when you see someone you're into walk towards you. You know the ones - heart speeding, shyness, a mix of confusion and panic, light headedness, butterflies in your stomach, sweating palms, puppy eyes... *takes a calming breath* All while trying to look cool and nonchalant? Yeap, those. A fab and sexy song, even more so when laced and caked in Luisa's voice. 

Have a wonderful week peeps and I hope you like our new look! 


by Luisa Maita

Tava tão frio, quem chegou / It was so cold till you came by
Quem se aproxima é o amor / Love is coming my way

Sua certeza me olhou / He gave me that look

Segue a risca já vem / Follow the line and come straight to me

O que é que eu faço / What am I going to do
agora, pára, olha o clima / Now, can you feel the tension 
Como eu pensei / Just like I thought
ai meu deus, ave maria / Oh my God, Ave Maria
Ai o que é que eu falo / What am I going to say
tá na hora, vem chegando / It's time, he's getting closer
Ai ai vem ele / Ah here he comes
deixo vir e beijo e pronto / Let him come, I'll kiss him and that'll be that.

(Repeat whole song)

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