Thursday, 29 September 2011

Out & About - Brazilian Waxing Company (Threading)

I have been cursed with a monobrow and for years I was on the quest for the perfectly shaped eyebrows. Threading was the answer.

I like to think that every nationality has its beauty secrets. Not to get very boring in a long winded explanation, I will have to agglomerate them. Sorry, I know it's a very broad generalization; but here we go:

Brazilians, or Latin women for that matter, like curves and they love a big toned bottom. My mother would say it is what makes us 'women'. So if you want a firm and sexy derrière grab one of them for some maintenance tips - a Latin woman, not her derrière, I must add.

Oriental women tend to have very healthy eating habits. They also seem to put great value on calming exercises, like Thai Chi, on the belief that less stress leads to a better life. And don't even get me started on that come-catch-me-shyness of theirs that seems to drive the boys insane. I can't tell you how much I wish I could do that. Latin blood doesn't always allow for shyness.

Last but definitely not least, Asian women have beautiful skin and hair. There are some fantastic beauty secrets to be learned here. The interesting thing is that they like to use only natural ingredients like milk, flour and spices. It works beautifully! I try some of the receipts in regular basis. More importantly and to the point... Asian woman tend to have amazing eyebrows! It frames their almond shaped eyes like you have never seen and the results can be quite striking. You have to appreciate that in some Asian cultures all a woman is allow to show is her eyes, so these ladies have learned how to make the most of it. 

Threading is actually an ancient form of hair removal. Persians used to have it done!!! The difference in between threading and other forms of eyebrow plucking is that it's gentler than waxing and as precise but more efficient than tweezing. It is also fantastic for shaping unruly monobrows like mine. :-) Just for the record, you will never see me sporting it.

My favourite place for threading is the Brazilian Waxing Company in Manchester (you might remember my other article on Brazilian waxing during the Brazilian week we had in May) for the same reasons as before: they are efficient and good at what they do, you can book and cancel online, the rooms are clean and the place immaculate, the therapists well trained.

While I can not say you will have a pain free experience (threading - like any lasting hair removal technique - is not painless) I can tell you you will be well looked after. The girls here really do know their stuff. If your eyebrows  have been in dire need of a makeover you might even rediscover your face!

 Like waxing, take a couple of Paracetamol 20 minutes before you go under the thread and prepare to pull some funny faces. You can also kill two birds with your stone and get rid of your muzzy (moustache) if, like me, your curse doesn't stop at your eyebrows. This is another advantage of threading: you can have your whole face done and get rid of any hairs that shouldn't be there. Including that annoying one under your chin you discover every so often for your great horror *insert thriller soundtrack here*. 

And boys... they can thread you too!!! But since you are not used to painful beauty procedures in regular basis I suggest you definitely don't forget the Paracetamol. 

Ambient: *****
Price: ££££
Children: No
To check the rating system click here

Brazilian Waxing Company
Tel: 0208 1234 332
Now in two new address!!!
Oxford Rd Branch
3 Oxford Road, Manchester M1 6EY
City Center Branch (Just off King St.)
7 Cheapside, Manchester M2 4WG


  1. Now if only there was somewhere that did threading in Clitheroe!

  2. I thread. I'm a Latina very prone to unibrows.

  3. Threading was a godsend for me. I wish I would have discovered it sooner. I shaved and plucked for years when I should have just been doing threading instead.

    Sarah |


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