Thursday, 8 September 2011

Joss Stirling's Blog Tour and New Book News

I know I have been talking a lot about Joss Stirling recently, but then again, her new book - Stealing Phoenix (read my review here) -  was out only a couple of days ago and I am a fan. ^_^

So you will understand exactly why I am delighted to find out she is writing a third book for the series!!! Originally there was only ever going to be one - Finding Sky (read my review here); but now there are three! And I can't wait to find out more about the Benedict brothers and their soulfinders. According to Joss' story, there are seven brothers and I am crossing my fingers, and being a little greedy, that she might write seven books. I particularly want to see what happens to Victor, my favourite. It's a pity he isn't real. *sighs dreamingly*

The Benedicts are a family of savants. Here is a little taster for you:

Saul - the father, can foresee danger
Karla - the mother of the family and Saul's soulfinder, can tell the future
Trace - can see the past and tell where someone has been
Uriel - can read a person's memory
Victor - is the mind controller
Will - can tell what happened by touching an item
Xavier - is the healer
Yves - can control fire and make things set alight/ explore
Phoenix - Yves' soulfinder, can control people's perception and make them feel she's stopping time
Zed - the youngest Benedict brother, can predict the future like his mother
Sky - Zed's soulfinder, can see people's feelings

Do you want to find out more? Follow Joss' blog tour starting Monday 12th September. Here is where she'll be...

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