Sunday, 4 September 2011

Book Giveaway {3}: First Ladies by Kay Burley

Kay Burley is a Lancashire lass that has done good. She is the longest-serving female journalist on British television and currently hosts her own show over at Sky News. Her debut novel, 'First Ladies', launched in July and she was interviewed by Lancashire Life Magazine to celebrate her success. 

Lucky for us since we inherited one of the first copies of the book to give away here!!! For a chance to win this intriguing novel fill the form below and don't forget to click the SUBMIT button at the end to enter.

This giveaway is international and the book is in English. The deadline is Saturday 10th September at midnight (London GMT). The winner will be announced on Sunday. So fill the form and get winning!

'Suave Prime Minister Julian Jenson has just been re-elected. The nation's darling, he has an elegance and natural charm in public. But in private the cracks are starting to show.At his side is his wife, Valerie. Trim, tall, well educated but deeply unhappy - with her son and daughter away at school, alcohol is becoming a trusted friend.Sally Simpson is at the peak of her game. Powerful editor of the bestselling magazine Celeb, she can't wait to take her rightful place by Julian's side.Sexy TV reporter Isla McGovern has caught Julian's eye, and she will do anything (or anyone) to get to the top.When the three women meet, so begins a perfect storm, and only one can emerge as the First Lady.'


  1. Thanks for the giveaway girl! It sounds very interesting.
    Hope your having a good weekend.

  2. Thank you!!



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