Saturday, 3 September 2011

Poetic Images {1} - A Book Lover's Photo Album

Aussie blogger Holly over at Good Golly Miss Holly is not only a mean book blogger, but she also does this fab 'Daily Dose' posts with the images she comes across while surfing the net. Ok, it does help that the girl is also into photography. (These annoyingly talented people, honestly!!! *indignation*) Here is the thing... I know today is not Monday - the traditional day for 'Daily Dose' - but, inspired by the images I have seen recently, I decided to share my dose of treasures with you. So what do you think?

These two make me think of the world you discover inside and through books.

  Books & Fashion, because who said they don't go together? Bookish is the new black!

And these two are just too cool for school. ^_^


  1. I want a book necklace! So loving these pics girl thanks for sharing.

  2. Hey Laura! I totally want that book necklace too, how awesome would that be!? haha!
    I love these posts Paula! :)

  3. Whoa. I love those two first pictures with the lights.


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