Wednesday, 21 September 2011

The Guardian and Observer Book Season & Book Swap

This is what every book lover and writer, or aspiring ones like me, likes to see! Six weeks of pure and simple appreciation for the art and craft of wordsmithing.

The Guardian and Observer (British newspapers for those not in the UK) have launched their Book Season and there is a lot to get involved in - from free audiobooks to the massive Book Swap.

The book swap is my favourite. Anything that gets people talking about and sharing books is a fantastic thing in my eyes. Now, there are a lot of initiatives out there that do this throughout the year: book clubs, reading groups, libraries and charities, but it is lovely to see someone with such high profile making a big noise about it. And the fab thing is: although this started here in the UK, there is no reason why it cannot spread around the world!

The rules are simple. Download the little bookplate (so people know the book has been given away rather than lost), attach it to the book you wish to share and leave it somewhere people will find it: a table in a Cafe, inside trains, doctors waiting rooms, wherever you think people will come across it. Take a picture and upload it to the Guardian's book swap map. If you find one, also take a picture and upload it to the map. That way people can see where the books are and if they have been found. For more information on all these or to dowload the bookplate or see the map click here. I am down in London today so I'll be leaving one in the tube somewhere.

There are thousands of books waiting to be discovered so keep your eyes open for them. Who knows? You might discover a genre or author you would have never come across on your own! So let's get sharing, hunting for and enjoying books!

Happy reading! ^_^

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  1. That's so cool! And a really great idea! Thanks for letting us know - I never would have found out otherwise!
    It was really nice to meet you at the OUP event last night! Hope you had as much fun as I did! :D


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