Tuesday, 17 May 2011

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Brazilian culture likes their woman looking curvy and feminine. Add hot weather, small clothes and a widespread female dislike of having their legs feeling like a cheese grater and the result? "Brazilian Wax".

This type of waxing is actually a very delicate and accurate technique. It involves pulling body hair by its root from very sensitive areas of the body and it can be ridiculously painful if not done properly. Not to mention that it can irritate the skin and even rip a very thin layer off. Bearing all this in mind, and the fact that in England the weather is not usually Brazilian hot, it is no surprise that most beauty salons do not offer this treatment as an option. And sometimes the ones that do, do not really do it as they should.

If you want the real deal, the Brazilian Waxing Company in Manchester is as good as it gets. They are not only specialized in hair removal, but they also train all their beauticians at their own Academy to provide the exact same standard of service, no matter who is looking after you. Every time I have paid them a visit the results have always been the same and I hardly ever have the same therapist looking after me. The rooms are always immaculately clean, warm and comfortable and their beauticians are nothing short of perfectionists. They would wax your soul if they could get to it! Boys? There is no need for jealousy. They also offer a range of treatments for you.

I won't lie. Waxing is painful at the best of times; leave alone when you are having a "Brazilian" done. I am sure some hardcore feminist will curse me for saying this, but as women we should know better. No pain, no gain. And the benefits are many from a smooth finish that lasts up to 3 weeks to your boyfriend's appreciation at the lack stubbles, not to mention that, overtime, it will also decrease the amount of hair itself. On the negative side, it is painful and you have to wait until the hair is a certain length before you can wax again so there is a small amount of time in which you will not be looking so sexy.

A word of advice... I know it is virtually impossible to think this way when you are about to suffer some pain, but try to relax. Contracting your muscles will only make it more painful.

* IF IT'S YOUR FIRST TIME WAXING: do not have a "Brazilian" unless you have a high pain threshold. Try a "Basic Bikini" instead and build up to the "Brazilian" or the "Hollywood". In case you are wondering, the difference is the amount of hair left behind - from degrees of some to nothing in this order: Basic, Brazilian and Hollywood. I would also advice that you take a couple of painkillers 20 mins before your treatment and to avoid waxing just before you are due your period, as your body will be more sensitive to pain.

* IF YOU HAVE WAXED BEFORE BUT HAVE NOT HAD A BRAZILIAN: take a deep breath and leave your inhibitions behind. This is a very "up-close and personal" encounter. Pop a couple of painkillers 20 mins prior and be prepared to be put in some interesting positions. 

This is not the cheapest you will pay for a wax either and having your underarms, full legs and a Brazilian done will set you back a good £48 but, in my opinion, it is money well spent. At the end, once you get passed the initial discomfort, you will love the results and I doubt you will be running back to the razors.

Ambient: *****
Price: ££££
Children: No
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Brazilian Waxing Company
Tel: 0208 1234 332
Now in two new address!!!
Oxford Rd Branch
3 Oxford Road, Manchester M1 6EY
City Center Branch (Just off King St.)
7 Cheapside, Manchester M2 4WG

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  1. Brazilian waxing company are amazing!!! never go anywhere else for your waxing people its the best. follow them on facebook and u can see all the special offers!!!!


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