Saturday, 7 May 2011

Out & About - Melt @ Backridge

Cheryl making the candles
What do you do when you need to buy one of those difficult-to-buy-for-people a gift? Me? I head to "Melt".

If I tried to explain to you that Backridge is a complex of shops in the middle of nowhere in what, by all rights, should be a farm yard, I bet you would think I am exaggerating. When I said that some Valley treasures are hard to come across unless you know where they are I wasn't kidding. Melt is one of these treasures.

I remember when it opened. My yummy-mummy mother-in-law, the queen of "alternative" discoveries, could not stop talking about some amazing hand-made candles that I must go check for myself. So I did and in the middle of fields in between the villages of Waddington and Barshall Eaves I found this workshop and this little shop selling these gorgeous fragrant candles. It is not just the smell that wins you over, is the entire look of them. Because they are hand-made and beautifully finished with a single beaded line tied around them, they have this organic rustic look. In an era where more and more products are mass produced that level of uniqueness becomes a luxury.

This was a few years ago. Now Melt is a quirky gift shop full of hand-made or otherwise organic treats sourced from all over the world: French parfum, Italian handbags, organic beauty products, hand painted mugs and cups, interesting books, hand-made cards and jewelry and much more. Though time has passed and success has come, the candles remain the same. The only difference being that the range is now bigger and better and no longer only sold in this little shop but also in a series of boutique retailers around the country including department store Liberty. You know what I like the most about it, though? Even though as a business Melt has achieved great success, you can still find Cheryl, the owner, serving behind the counter most days and that woman knows her stock like you would not believe.

So it is really no surprise that this little treasure trove has become part of my holy grail for any gift hunting as well as spoil-myself moments. I must warn you, however, that Melt is a very dangerous place. You pockets will feel definitely lighter once you walk out of the doors. Not because things are expensive - to be honest I think you get what you paid for and all the items in this shop are well worth the money - but because I doubt you will be able to walk out without having found something to buy or to come back to buy. Enter at your own risk. I should know!

Bethany Rose
Now, I have never asked any of my readers for anything, but if you are visiting Melt please, please, pretty please ask Cheryl about her "Candle 4 Katy" range. I had the pleasure of knowing and working with a lovely woman called Katy Rose who unfortunately died of Breast Cancer last year. Since then, Katy's nine year old daughter, Bethany, has started "Candle 4 Katy" - a fundraising campaign to help Breast Cancer Care. Her aim is to raise £5000 for the charity. Originally they were just the candles specially designed for the campaign by Melt, now I know there are all sort of products and events being organized all over our little market town of Clitheroe to help Bethany in her mission. Katy's candle cost £20 and £12 goes straight to the campaign. Like any of the Melt candles, they are gorgeous and smell amazing so if you only do one thing for a charity this year, let it be helping this little girl on her mission to honor her mum. For more information about Melt and "Candle 4 Katy" click here.

Ambient: *****
Price: ££££
Children: Yes
To check the rating system click here

Lilac Barn, Backridge Farm
Twitter Lane, Waddington
Clitheroe, Lancashire BB7 3LQ
Tel: 01200 443 412


  1. The shop is so cute. Who doesn't love candles?

  2. I'm Bethany's dad (and was Katy's husband). Couldn't agree more about MELT being a fantastic shop, and Cheryl's special candle for our fundraising is stunning. You're right about other events to help the appeal. The next big one is a Family Night of Magic and Music at The Grand on 1st October. And by the way. I love this website. Surely you were brought up bi-lingual. English cannot be your second language!


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