Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Out & About - Bem Brasil in Manchester

This week I am having a Brazilian party on the blog. On Monday we listened to some music (more Brazilian music here), yesterday we talked about Brazilian beauty and today we are talking about food! Yummy Yum!

One of the things people ask me when I tell them I am Brazilian is: "what is Brazilian food like?" Well... At Bem Brasil you are sure to find out!

Here is how it works: you pay a set amount and you can eat as much as you want. There is a selection of salads and side orders available from the cold and hot bars and, if you flip the little cup holder on your table to show the green side, the "carvers" will start serving the barbecue. While you are at it, you should try some national delicacies: chicken hearts and pineapple with cinnamon might just fit the bill. And if you want a traditional Brazilian meal try some rice, beans and salad with your steak. Don't forget to put a little "Vinagrete" on top - a tomato, onion, vinegar, olive oil and pepper dressing.

I have eaten in many of the descent Brazilian restaurant going and Bem Brasil has been the best so far. The reason is simple. Barbecue houses will usually fill you up with the average cuts of meat hoping that by the time the good expensive stuff comes out you are far too full to eat too much of it. This barbecue house, however, brings the good stuff out as soon as it is ready. You will also be able to try everything here: chicken, beef, pork and lamb. Not to mention the cool cocktail bar downstairs. Caipirinha (the Brazilian Mojito, minus the mint plus the lime, with Cachaca - our own version of rum or tequila) is the cherry on top of this Brazilian experience, but be careful! Show it a lack of respect and you will wake up with very vague memories.

Obviously, this is a place to eat to your heart’s content so coming to Bem Brasil while on a diet or not really hungry is a waste of your money. Equally, coming to a barbecue house, paying for the carnivores' menu, and filling up on salad and side orders is a little pointless so try a little of everything but save space for the protein. Unless you are vegetarian, of course, in which case they will have a especial deal for you. And do not forget to try the desserts! My favourite is the Passion Fruit Mousse. Honestly, it's just orgasmic!

Good Brazilian music, food, decor and drinks for the complete Latin experience.


Ambient: ****

Price: £££
Food: *****
Children: Yes

To check the rating system click here

Bem Brasil - Manchester
King Street West
Manchester M3 2GQ
Tel: 0161 839 2525

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