Monday, 9 May 2011

Music Mondays - Closer to the Edge by 30 Seconds to Mars

"30 Seconds to Mars" has become one of my favourite bands. I love their sound, lyrics as well as their very theatrical music videos. No surprise there, baring in mind their lead singer, Jared Leto, is an actor. They also seem to have a finger in a few current movie and TV series soundtracks, so it is hard to ignore them.

This song in particular has a powerful message about living and not regretting. Not even failed attempts that take you closer to the edge (no pun intended). I know... It is an ever so slightly selfish attitude, but in the end of the day life is short and regret is a heavy thing to carry around with you. Unfortunately, you only learn as you go along so... You can either hide from everything for the rest of it and never take chances or you can try.

I don't know about you, but I rather try. All I can take with me is what I've lived. Mind other people, though. Not what they think of it, but their feelings, if you know what I mean.


Closer to the Edge by 30 Seconds to Mars

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