Monday, 16 May 2011

Music Mondays - Translation of August Day Song by Bebel Gilberto

Bebel Gilberto is one of the few Brazilian artists currently playing at International level. Music was something she learned while still in the crib and her pedigree includes being the nice of Chico Buarque - one of the most well known and influencial MPB musicians and composers.

MPB stands for Brazilian Pop Music (in Portugues, of course). In case you are wondering, Brazilian Pop Music, also know as Bossa-Nova Urban, is the authentic genre that mixes original national styles like Samba to other styles such as folk, rock and jazz to create the mellow, easy-going Bossa-Nova sound. 

I hope you love it as well as I do!

by Bebel Gilberto

Tentei contar / I've tried to tell
Tentei cantar / I've tried to sing
Tentei just la la la ia / I tried to just la la la ia

Tentei tocar/ I've tried to play 
Também dançar / And also to dance
Assim, só para deixar / Just like this, just to let go

Só quero te dar / I just want to give it to you
Se te falar / If I told you
Se te just la la la ia / If I just la la la ia

Só quero estar / I just want to be
Com seu cantar / In your song
Com seu just la la la ia/ With you just la la la ia

Just like this rainstorm 
This August day song
I dream of places far beyond

Ouvindo a chuva cair / Hearing the rain fall
No cinza um brilho aqui / In a grey sky, a little shine
Fico sózinha, distraída / I'm alone and so distracted
Mesmo tom / It's the same tone
Mesmo som / The same sound
Como é bom, tão bom / How good, so good

Just like this rainstorm
This August day song 
I dream of places far beyond 

Ouvindo a chuva cair / Hearing the rain fall
No pé um pingo aqui / A little drop over here
Fico sózinha, tão distraída / I'm alone and so distracted

Não vou chorar / And I won't cry
Quando lembrar / When I remember
Do seu eterno olhar/ Your deep eyes

I like to sing
And do these things
With you just prá variar (for a change)
I hear your voice
I sing for choice 
With you just la la la ia 


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