Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Out & About - The Grand @ Clitheroe

Clitheroe is a little market town in the middle of the idyllic Ribble Valley in rural Lancashire. Like the rest of the Valley, it is full of gorgeous little shops and restaurants. However, you do need to know where you are going in order to find them. As with many rural neighbourhoods, some of its treasures are well hidden and, like a treasure, unless someone tells you where to go you will not find them easily. I will get around to more of these little gems in other posts so keep tuned.

Today, however, I want to introduce you to The Grand @ Clitheroe: the only purpose built media and arts center within the Valley. Offering a Cafe, Internet Access, Conference Facilities, a Recording Studio and a wealth of events including music, dance and drama performances as well as a rich repertoire of activities and classes for all ages, The Grand is, without doubt, the place to be.

I know I work there, but I am not bias. They do have everything! Are you into a particular type of music? No problem. Dance classes for children and adults including tea dances? You bet. Drama school for children and family friendly events? Check. Gorgeous food and a lovely corner to catch up with friends for a coffee? Absolutely. Are you part of a band and want to record a CD or need a space to rehearse? Check. Are you at school or college and looking for work experience or internship in the creative industry? Tick. In need of a space for a Business meetings or conference? Again, not a problem. Want to sing in a choir? It is covered. Want to worship at a Gospel event? They have those too. Baring in mind Clitheroe is only a small town, I honestly do not think it gets any better! This venue can give any similar sized venue in Manchester, the nearest City, a run for its money. Not to mention the Skate Park and the lovely team of staff, including me. ^_^

Now I AM being a little biased!

The Grand is a standalone charity who's aim is to create, inspire, educate and elevate the local community and surrounding areas. It is an amazing project which started with one family wanting to make a difference. For those of us who sometimes think "I'm just one person, I cannot change anything." I can honestly say: The Grand is proof that one person can make a lot of difference if her or his heart is seriously set in changing something. This is one of the main reasons why I joined this amazing team.
If you are in Clitheroe... You now know where to go for high quality entertainment and while you are at it don't forget to say hello!

For more information on The Grand's events and facilities please visit:
For more information on Family Friendly events visit:

Ambient: *****
Prices: £££
Food: ****
Children: Yes
To check the rating system click here.

The Grand @ Clitheroe 
York Street, Clitheroe, Lancashire
Tel: 01200 421 599

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