Friday, 25 March 2011

Twilight: Breaking Dawn's Isle Esme Might Be Demolished

Paraty in Brazil was the location chosen to represent Isle Esme on the upcoming movie adaptation of Breaking Dawn, the fourth installment of the Twilight saga. But what happens when the house now cherished by fans is in danger of being demolished?

Saco do Mamanguá is this idyllic spot near the town of Paraty in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It is quite literally breath taking and relatively unspoiled so it was no surprise Twilight director Bill Condon decided to shoot there in order to stay true to the original story written by Stephenie Meyer, where Edward and Bella spend their honeymoon on a private island just off the coast of Brazil. 

The house they chose for filming is a typical luxury Brazilian villa, but it was built inside a conservation area. In the past, Brazilian government was very lax regarding its laws on protecting fauna & flora and wealthy Brazilians as well as foreigners have built their villas bigger than they should and overlapping protected land. With Brazil rising into the status of worldwide interest, however, the policies are tighter and protecting conservation areas, endangered species and aborigine tribes are all priorities on the agenda. The Brazilian Congress is also considering a piece of law that will prevent non-nationals from buying vast pieces of land, the idea being to keep areas of interest and natural beauty as well as any natural resources  in Brazilian hands.

Isle Esme's Villa is following the fate of other similar houses and is next on the list of properties being quite literally demolished for not complying with the law. Talk about being taught a lesson!

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