Tuesday, 8 March 2011

International Women's Day - Tamara Lempicka

Today is International Women's Day so let’s give a big hug to all the beautiful wives, lovers, friends, domestic goddesses, sisters, mothers, grandmothers etc... Who are the queens of multitasking and emotional wisdom. I know I could not have done without my friends, mother and sisters. So let’s celebrate the female talent for being anything from a magic laundry basket (yep boys you know this one, that little basket you put your dirty clothes into and they reappear clean inside your wardrobe) to sexy goddesses! Love to you all the girlies! <3

As part of International Women's Day I would like to introduce and celebrate Art Deco queen Tamara Lempicka. I love her paintings! The sharp lines, the colours and the way that, even if you do not like them, you cannot help but look at them. 

Lempicka was born in Poland, but moved to Russia after her parents' divorce when she was only fifteen. It was from there that she had to flee to Paris to escape the Russian Revolution and it was in Paris she started developing her painting. Well know for liking purity of colour and having clean, precise, elegant lines to her stroke, she added sensuality to the cool Art Deco movement. Later in life she moved to America where her social life and painting made her "the first female artist to be a glamour star". 

What I love the most about Lempicka is the fact she was unafraid. She was bold, controversial, scandalous and rebellious, yet she managed to win everyone’s hearts. She fought for and did what she wanted when she wanted. That kind of determination on a women back on the early 1900s and after World War 1 is something to admire. But, make no mistake, she was no sweet smelling rose and she was ever so slightly deluded by fame and fortune, somewhat ruthless as well as well known for neglecting her only child. Not quite the "qualities" I would like to possess.

Whatever people thought of her then and whatever we think of her now, she achieved what she wanted to achieve and lived her life the way she wanted to live. That made her a pure example of girl power. Not only that, but her paintings have also immortalized her. How is that for an aim in life, hey girls?

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