Thursday, 24 March 2011

Out & About - Piccolino

Out for dinner in Clitheroe? Then you must try Piccolino.

One of the newest additions to the Clitheroe food scene, this Italian restaurant brought a lot to the table. The food is delicious, the bar is vibrant and chic and the service is impeccable. I have been here quite a few times now and the food and service are always consistent.

Being an Italian, this restaurant is very child friendly and if you are lucky you might catch one of the chefs making fresh pasta inside the glass display. My daughter was mesmerized by this process, which is nothing short of a ritual. And while we are talking about fresh pasta... Any authentic Italian restaurant will be proud to tell you they only work with fresh food. Piccolino is no exception.

In the evenings, especially at the weekends, the vibe changes. Like me, a lot of people like to eat here as a starting point for a night out in town and you will find the bar full of smartly dressed grown ups. And girls? I have one for you. Every time I have dined here with a table full of ladies their Italian waiters had their charm turned on to full volume. Talk about feeling special!!! Mind the floor when wearing heels, though, as they are very polished and therefore very slippery. Falling on your bum with your ankles right up in the air like a proud flag flying on the wind will rain on your parade something chronic. I should know!

So here you have it: my review on the best Italian restaurant in town. It will make you walk away saying: Mamma Mia! (I am sorry! I know it sounds cheesy, but I just had to say it! The voices in my head told me to do it! o_0)

Ambient: *****
Price: ££££
Food: *****
Children: Yes
To check the rating system click here.

Moor Lane, Lower Gate
Clitheroe, Lancs. BB7 1BE
Tel: 01200 423 111

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  1. Piccolino_ 2:25pm via Web
    @PaulaSHx Thanks so much for the lovely review, we always aim to please ;-)


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