Tuesday, 15 March 2011

The One Behind Lauren Kate's Fallen Book Covers

A Brazilian artist is behind the beautiful covers of Lauren Kate's Fallen series. So who is she?

I am willing to bet that, if you have not read them, you have at least come across Lauren Kate's books: Fallen and Torment. That is because they are simply everywhere! Self-confessed "dark artist", Metal music lover and Goth girl Fernanda Brusi is the Brazilian behind their well-known and beautiful covers. Her art has won her, and Lauren Kate's books for that matter, Best Covers in a Series and Best Paranormal YA Cover with Torment in the 2010 Urban Fantasy Cover Art Awards. Passion, the third book of the series, releases in June with yet another of Brusi's pieces as its introduction.  

I love the dark, smart sensuality of Brusi's work and the way it manages to be timeless and elegant in a way I did not think Gothic could be. To see more of her amazing art click here. I hope you like it as much as I did.


  1. Gorgeous pictures! Great post! Plus, you've reminded me I really need to read book 2.

  2. Agreed on the artist. **New Follower**

  3. Your covers are amazing! Maybe one day you can do my book covers.


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