Sunday, 20 March 2011

Fair Trade Fashion Fabulous

Annie Greenabelle

When my friend Katy asked me if I would help her organize a fashion show with only Fair Trade labels she thought it was great to have someone on board who had some experience in Fashion. I thought: "Dear Lord, how am I going to do this?"


I have to admit that back then I said yes more out of loyalty to my word than of excitement for the prospects. As far as I was concerned, after working in designer fashion for a while, Fair Trade was tatty odd coloured t-shirts. That was until my lovely friend opened my eyes to Fair Trade fabulousness and introduced me to People Tree, Bibico and Annie Greenabelle. And guess what? The tees rock! 

People Tree by Emma Watson

So I am now a fair trade convert. I am not saying I have gone completely fair trade. Old habits die hard and I am not a big believer on label loyalty. You have to wear what suits you and makes you feel comfortable. Here is my fashion fact: Fidgeting with a dress all the time or walking like a duck on heels that are just NOT you... kind of defeats the point completely. And make no mistake, they DO notice you only look great if standing perfectly still. But if you can find what you like while helping other people... Why not?

Don't take my worth for it, though. See for yourself! Click on the links below each image to have a proper look. Go on... You know you want to. :-)


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  2. Wow! Thank you! It's always great to hear feedback! I wish more people did it!
    P. xx

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