Thursday, 24 May 2012

Out & About - Qzine

Because it sits just off the main road, Swan Court Yard in Clitheroe is one of those hidden places you can easily miss. 

You might remember me talking about the Cupcake Boutique. Qzine is across the yard from them. It's brand new and definitely worth a visit. The small deli/bakery restaurant opened no long ago and has been the best kept secret in town. I was told they didn't want to make a big deal about it until they had the menu spot on. Well... I can tell you that, sitting outside in the sunshine and licking my fingers after eating my home-made cheese and onion pie with an amazing mezze salad, I think their menu is pretty fine. So I'm telling everybody!

Everything in Qzine is cooked from scratch. As I walk in, Mark - the chef - tells me: "I've just baked an Apple Strudel. Fresh out of the oven. Would you like to try?" And I can see it, smoke rising off it, right behind him. According to Lucy - one of this blog's readers, a fab local DJ and alternative quirky soul - who is now clearly a regular, this place is also a heaven for vegetarians. The key word here is choice. Plenty of it.

And as I sit out in the little square in a rare and beautiful clear, sunny and hot Lancashire day, kicking off my pumps, sipping my coffee and reading my book under a big umbrella, I feel like I'm on holiday. I kid you not, the food here is not losing to its French cousin. 

If that wasn't enough, see anything you fancy but don't want to eat it now? They can bag it so you can take it home. Dangerous. I think I might become part of the furniture. ^_^

Ambient: *****
Price: £££
Food: *****
Children: Yes 
To check the rating system click here.

2 Swan Court Yard, Castle Street,
Clitheroe BB7 2DQ
Tel: 01200 538 974


  1. Great name for a cafe!! I#ll look this place up when I'm next in Clitheroe

    1. You should! Especially if it's a sunny day! The food is gorgeous and you would be able to sit outside. :)


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