Thursday, 17 May 2012

In the Mail {13} - Bookmarks from El Salvador

I'm afraid I have to admit to an addiction... Bookmarks. *_* 

I don't really use them, don't actually need them, or look at them that often, but I absolutely adore them and I have lots! Some people like to keep mementos of places they have visited: tattoos, stickers, fridge magnets, tickets... I collect bookmarks.

These two beauties are hand-painted wooden bookmarks from El Salvador, a small country in Central America. The details are so delicate and intricate, it's amazing! Just the thought of someone painting these scenes to such a tiny scale and meticulous detail - gives me back pain. It must have taken them ages! Absolutely beautiful, don't you think? 

And I have another confession to make: these didn't quite come in the mail, either. The Husband brought them all the way from El Salvador as a little treat. Thanks Hubby. I love them!

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