Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Bookshop of The Month ~ Waterstone's Deansgate

I'm sure you have heard me go on and on about this bookshop, but honestly... It's my favourite!

With three floors of pure bliss and over 100.000 titles to choose from, Waterstone's Deansgate in Manchester is any book lover's dream. In my house everyone is into different reads and once we walk through the doors we all scatter into our favourite corners. The daughter heads straight for the children's section (funnily enough so do I!) and with shelves and shelves catering to all age groups, there is no going wrong. The husband makes a run for the fiction and thriller's quarter. I've nicknamed it "The Husband Triangle" as he goes missing in there for ever. And I... I hover - a little at the young adult's zone, somewhere around the graphic novel's corner, some at the fiction bit, and a lot in the bar and cafe in the second floor. ^_^ What? I get thirsty!

It's quite literally bookworm's paradise - great fun for the kids, good coffee and the biggest science fiction, fantasy and crime fiction collection outside of London. Be careful not to get lost in there, though. You might never return. I kid you not, if it wasn't for the staff kicking me out after closing time I think I would live in there for days at a time.

This bookshop also hosts a lot of talks, book clubs, signings, etc... So be sure to check their events calendar, especially during school holidays as they organize activities for the petites (little ones) too. The other interesting thing about Waterstone's is that wherever store you are in, they will have a section on that town or city's history. So if you are in Deansgate, there will be books on the history of Manchester. But if you are in Notting Hill, London, they'll be all about Notting Hill. Great if you are visiting a particular area or want to find out more about the place you live in.

The cafe in the top floor serves light snacks for lunch as well as an amazing selection of coffees. If you like Amaretto, try the Disanorro Coffee. Honestly, it's orgasmic! A great place for a catch up with friends or a coffee on your own surveying the kingdom you have just conquered or are about to. And if you're struggling... Just ask the staff. I have walked in there with the most ridiculous requests - random questions, weird books nobody has heard of, or plainly and simply wanting to know when a book will be due for release - and they have ever so kindly nodded and checked their stock for me or gone and found the book I wanted. 

If you are after gifts for bookish peeps, they have a good selection of cute accessories that are just a must-have-a-look. But beware! That's where I usually go wrong and buy all sorts of random stuff I don't really need. I am a spoiled overgrown child, really.

In short, if you're in Manchester, check it out. 

Ambient: *****
Food: Yes
Stock: *****
Children: Yes
For more information about the rating system click here.

Waterstone's Deansgate
91 Deansgate
Manchester M3 2BW
Tel: 0843 2908485

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