Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Out & About - Cupcake Boutique

Who doesn't indulge in something sweet every once in awhile? I, unfortunately, indulge once too often and the Cupcake Boutique in Clitheroe is my heaven in hell.

If the glass display full of cupcakes isn't enough to have you salivating, then try one of their milk-shakes. They will turn any of the sweets on their wall, and I mean things like KitKats and Mars bars, into a shake for you. Not your thing? Then try the cookies, pies, cake slices or cake lollipops. Yeah, you read it right. Cake on a stick - cake pops! Now, if you are made of iron and can resist giving in to this sweet kryptonite, pick one of the fresh fruit smoothies. And if it all fails? What the hell, order your own cake for an event! I did. For my husband's birthday, because he works in aviation in Latin America (that was my excuse), I had a Victoria sponge cake in the shape of the map of Brazil with an airplane flying over it. It was finger 'lickable' and even the airplane was edible!

Obviously, tempting us to death is not enough for the team at Cupcake Boutique, so they also do classes! Yeah... I would probably eat all the ingredients before they made it to the bow, but hey-ho, some people do have more self-control than me. *_*

Apart from the fact sugar doesn't love my waistline, there is just one other problem: Cupcake Boutique sits in Swan Court Yard, which is quite easy to miss if you don't know what you are looking for. If you're not familiar with Clitheroe, look for The Royal Swan pub and the court yard is just behind it. The whole shop is on the ground floor, so accessible to both wheelchairs and prams, but watch out for all the cobbles to get there. Also, if coming in here with kids, be prepared not to leave for awhile. This is heaven for anyone with chocoholic tendencies and there is so much choice, it might take you awhile to make you mind up.

The thing I like the most, though? The shop is so cute it looks like it came out of a book! And you can eat in or take out. How can something that tastes this good be so bad? It can't. It's all good. ^_^

Ambient: *****
Price: £££
Food: *****
Children: Oh yes! 
To check the rating system click here.

Cupcake Boutique
7 Swan Court Yard, Castle Street
Clitheroe BB7 2DQ
Tel: 01200 538698


  1. reading this post just makes me sad that i don't live nearer to it :(
    but it looks so cute! going to check out their site now!

    1. I know! This place is seriously dangerous! They look sooooo nice on the display as well don't they? Some times I think they're not real! :)

  2. They cakes may look good! but don't trust them with your wedding cake,they let our daughter down on the eve of her wedding 6pm at night stating illness that day! who leaves the making of a wedding cake until the day before? don'y touch them with a barge Pole....

    1. Oh no!!! I'm so sorry to hear that!! They have done one of my birthday cakes and I have to say I have had no problems with them. But that is definitely not good, not at all. I hope you daughter wasn't too upset and I hope she still has great memories of the day.


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