Thursday, 3 May 2012

Go Camping - the Bookish Style

There are two things the British love during spring and summer: sunshine and festivals! And here is how to go camping if you are the bookish sort. Or if you are just too-cool-for-school. ^_^

Bookworms live in books. Well... In this case quite literally! Make a statement to your book-lover roots with this amazing Fully Booked tent. That is, if you can settle on this design! FieldCandy has so many extremely cool tents that it's hard to pick just one. I want them all! By the Light of the Fire, Ten Million Fireflies, Get a Room, Rule Britannia (it's the Queen's Jubilee after all) are to name but a few of my favourite designs. 

Now, these are not strictly bookish, but gosh are they cool! The ultimate hippie-ish love affair... Ladies and gentleman, I give you the VW Van Tent. Come on! No book connection, but I could stand inside it and it looks like the van my Dad used to have when I was little. It just had to go on the list!

If your idea of camping is like mine: a chalet somewhere remote - this IS how most Brazilians go camping peeps! I never got inside a tent that wasn't a marquee until I moved to the UK and my husband decided to torture me by taking me camping on a rainy weekend. *_* Surprisingly, it turned out to be great fun! Anyway... If like me you like comfort, then Podpads are exactly what you need. You can go basic with the original Podpad or... You can go ultra cool with the eye-catching Unidomepad. I wonder if I can have one those in my garden... 

No camping trip would be complete without something to sit on and these Penguin Classic Deckchairs are just the job for the bookish and VIP. While you're at it, why not get matching mugs and water bottle too? I know, it's a little bit of a Penguin overkill, but hey! I did say bookish camping.

Festival fashion statement? Then I think you need these tees. And if you want keep warm at night, then you might need one of these Musucbag Sleeping Bags too. Ok, they are also not that bookish, but they are slightly eccentric and, hey-ho, book lovers are just that. Not to mention that if you turn up in any of the tents above, Penguin deckchairs and bookish tees, a weird but cool statement is all everyone will expect of you. 

And since you are a bookworm, at some stage you will want to enjoy your lovely tent and deckchair, with some hot coffee or tea in your flask, snuggled like a bug in the rug inside your Selk bag to, surprise-surprise, read your book!! Well... When that beautiful moment comes, you will need one of these Really Tiny Book Lights, to make sure you have enough light so your eyes don't get tired. :) And guess what? They even adapt to e-readers if you have one of those!

So why go camping when you can go bookish cool camping? 

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  1. LOVE that tent.
    But my fav is the water bottle.

    1. Have you seen the other Field Candy tents? AMAZING! Talk about camping with style. What I love the most from the Penguin Accessories collection is the note books. I think I have a paper fetish. *_*


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