Thursday, 15 December 2011

Out & About - Pink Whiskers

It's Christmas and everyone in the family gets spoiled. So why not the pooch?

Ok, my family will be rolling with laugher reading this because until earlier this year, when a certain Yorkshire 'Terrorist' (Terrier) walked his four little paws into my life, my idea of a pet was a rock. As said my brother: "Who would see you now, if they looked at you back then?" 

So laugh all you can, but the Terrorist is coming for Xmas. *_* He even has a Xmas outfit! For my husband's despair - he (the husband) wanted a black Retriever and I turned up with a Yorkie so every time I dress him (the dog) up he (the husband) despairs. Before you get the wrong picture, I only dress him up to see the husband's face drop. It's priceless!!! 

Pink Whiskers is set in Backridge, a complex that used to be a farm yard but is now a retail destination. Their speciality is bespoke pet furniture - aka dog beds - but they also sell all sorts of bits and bobs for your pooch. 

Here is the thing: this little shop is not a pet store. If you are after a cage for your pet parrot or stocking up on dog food, this is not place to go. What you will find here is: high end collars, jackets and items of clothing, leads, furniture, toys and treats. They also only really cater for cats and dogs, so pet lizards don't need to apply. *whispers* It's nothing personal.

As I was saying, the shop is only small, but pets are more than welcome. There are also little treats scattered all over the place to keep four-legged visitors busy sniffing while the two-legged ones browse.

Like anything bespoke and of high-end, the goods here are not cheap. But then again - they are luxuries. Indiana Jones, my Yorkie, looks really cute in the harness and the waterproof walking jacket I got him. Do I hear a collective "Aw....."?

The biggest problem here is finding the shop, as Pink Whiskers is set in the middle of the countryside. But once you get there, there is plenty of parking, other shops and a restaurant so humans also get a treat (click here to view my review of Melt, also at Backridge).

If your dog or cat is your spoiled child, then Pink Whiskers is just a must.

Ambient: *****
Price: £££££
Children: Yes, but no prams because of space.
To check the rating system click here

Pink Whiskers
Backridge Farm, Twitter Lane
Waddington, Lancashire BB7 3LQ
Tel: 01200 429 733

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