Thursday, 7 July 2011

Out & About - La Tete et Tout

La Tet et Tout is my absolute favourite shop in Clitheroe and here is why.

It is not the biggest, the most expensive or the one with all the "posh big super brands", but it has a great selection of shoes, bags, jewellery and clothing from all over the world. This little treasure chest is one of my stops for birthday and Christmas gifts, not to mention that everything I have bought from here always earns me complements and comments. Good ones. Really good ones.

The thing I like the most about this place is that it is unique and quirky. Not so quirky that you think "Blimey! Who wears this stuff?", but quirky enough that you don't feel like a carbon copy of someone else. The labels are very well selected and of high quality and finish. There is also a good selection in price wise, but this is no Primark and you are paying for exclusivity. Of course, if you want to go to town, they do have the expensive stuff on offer. 

The team of girls behind the counter is excellent. While they don't follow you around like a shadow, they are there when you need them. And if they don't have something your size in stock, they will check the other two stores in Preston and Lytham for you. You can also shop online, but the shop is so pretty you really ought to pay it a visit to make it justice.

Just in case you are wondering... The name, La Tete et Tout, is French for "head and all" or, if you want to put it into context, "from head to toe". 

If you are a girl, have a pulse and like pretty high quality things your visit to Clitheroe is not complete until you have made a pit-stop here. Definitely a must.

Ambient: *****

Price: £££ with hints of ££££
Children: Older ones as prams will probably not fit in the shop
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La Tete et Tout
22 Moor Lane
Clitheroe BB7 1BE
Tel: 01200 429 144 

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