Monday, 18 July 2011

Book Bonanza Winner {6}

I'm so sorry for the delay updating this competition folks! As the Hardman household enters the last lap before my little one finishes school for the summer, life is just getting a little insane.

The pre-summer Book Bonanza has reached its end. *_* But don't be too sad. It will come back soon. ^_^

And the winner of the last Book Bonanza for this season is...


Well done you! I'll be in touch by email.

There is still a SIGNED copy of "Gladius and the Bartlett Trials" (click here to put your name down) up for grabs. Don't miss out!!!


  1. Congrats Mary!!!!
    Thanks again for your book bonanzas they are awesome :)

  2. YAY me!! THANK YOU!! This is amazing.



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