Friday, 22 July 2011

Bagabook - BLC - Book Love & Care

When I am reading a book I tend to take it everywhere with me. There is just one problem: after awhile of rolling around in my black-hole of a handbag the cover has seen better days. 

My friend Katy might have just found a solution to my problem. Katy is my hippie-Fair-Trade-fighter-who-also-happens-to-be-a-biker-chick friend. She came across Bagabook at the Harrogate Gift Fair.

These little book bags are a great idea to protect your book covers and keep your handbag light. Depending of the model, they also have extra pockets for cards, phones and pens. They are ultra cute and starting at £16.95 they are not expensive and not a bad gift either. *slow wink = big hint* I think these are a fabulous idea and as soon as I can decide what range I like most, I will be having one for sure. I'm quite keen on the Executive design in the pink Crock-Look at the moment.

I've been told there are other designs that are not on the web yet. So it might be worth keeping an eye on any updates or asking them for further info if you want one. A couple of the designs are currently being discounted. Check it out and bag yourself a bargain (no pun intended).

Read more about books & bags here


  1. This is an awesome idea. I love all the cool book accesories you have on your blog. I will have to get one of these. I norm take off the covers if I can but you can't do that with your paperbacks and they do get messed up in my purse. Or I carry a tiny purse and don't want to carry the book just in my hand. Thanks for sharing will have to get one soon. or ask for one for my b day or x mas :)

  2. We sell Bagabook on our website and if you enter GT10 at checkout you get 10% discount off anything on site!


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