Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Graphic Novels I Want to Read

Since the giveaway this week is a graphic novel, I thought it was about time I paid this kind of reading some respect.

I am far from an expert, but I admire anyone who has the talent to bring books to life in pictures. Possibly because drawing is something I cannot do to save my life and because I am vaguely aware of how long-winded this process can be.

So in appreciation for everyone involved in this niche industry... Here are the graphic novels I cannot wait to get my hands on. The first two were the ones that sparked my interest in the genre.

City of Bones by Cassandra Clare is the graphic adaptation of one of my favourite series and I can not wait to see it! The art is done by Nicole Virella and, according to what I have seen, it follows the traditional Marvel style. You know the one, the famous iconic superheroe comics. Not that I would know much about it, mind you! So don't quote me on it. Unfortunately, there is no release date for this baby as of yet. However, you can have a good peep at some of Virella's artwork for it here. To read my article about this graphic novel in Portuguese click here.

Twilight Volume 2 by Stephenie Meyer is due to release on October 11th. The illustrations are by Young Kim  in Manga style. Manga is the Japanese comics style, which is a little different. I loved the artwork in the first volume, especially the way only certain details are in colour to emphasize a particular scene in the story. For example: Edward's eyes when Bella notices they change colour, the blood stains on Edward's memories and the whole scene when Bella walks into the sunshine in the clearing. Beautiful work. The other detail I thought was quite sweet is the way the covers complete each other if you place them side by side. Cute romantic stuff.

Blankets by Craig Thompson called my attention during my last visit to my favourite book shop in Manchester. I loved the cover and the few pages I read. However, I can see this being one of those novels you will either love or hate as the story is about first love and coming-of-age under the added pressures imposed by religion. Personally, coming from a religious family, I can understand the struggle so I like it.

Blood Song by New York cover artist Eric Drooker is an interesting one. There are no words in it, just images. Hence why you will see "A Silent Ballad" as its tagline. And you know what? It's amazing what you can understand without words. This is where the old cliche "an image is worth a thousand words" is very, very true. In this graphic novel a girl travels through the stages of technological evolution going from living in a forest, to living in a city and then the future via a whole array of personal discoveries, realizations and struggles. Amazing, intriguing and moving artwork.

If, like me, graphic novels were not on your to-read list, maybe it is time to broaden the horizon and give it a try. If nothing else, you can admire the artwork and the talent behind it.


  1. I can't wait for the second Twilight graphic novel too. I did a review on the first. Also Can't wait for City of Bones. Wish we new when it was coming out.

  2. Blankets is on my to-buy list! :D


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