Saturday, 9 July 2011

Book Bonanza {6} - Trouble on the Heath by Terry Jones

Incredibly funny, very entertaining and you could take it home!

Trouble on the Heath is one of the books in this year's Quick Reads collection. At 104 pages it is ideal if you are trying to get back into reading or just want something easy to read while commuting or going on holiday. Although, I must warn you, you might not want to read it in public as people will start to wonder "what is wrong with you" or "are you crazy" while you laugh out loud for no apparent reason. Read my full review here

"Malcolm Thomas is not happy. The view he loves is about to be blocked by an ugly building. He decides to take action and organises a protest. Then things go badly wrong and Malcolm finds himself running for his life. Along the way he gets mixed up with depressed town planners, violent gangsters and a kidnapped concert pianist. Malcolm starts to wonder if objecting to the building was such a good idea when he finds himself upside down with a gun in his mouth."

For a chance to win this entertaining and engaging little read, all you have to do is to complete the form below. Don't forget to press the SUBMIT button at the end to enter. The deadline is Saturday 16th July by midnight GMT. 

Good luck!

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