Monday, 25 July 2011

Music Mondays - Translation of Lounge by Maria Gadú

Maria Gadú is my new Brazilian discovery. This song is actually part of her 2009 album, but I love it. I have not heard a voice 'this crisp and yet this smooth' for awhile. I could listen to her sing all day long!

The funny thing is... The lyrics of this particular song, talking about biting, poison, eyes changing colour, not being warm, make me think of the Twilight books. What do you think?


by Maria Gadú

Vamos prum lounge/ Let's go to a wine bar

Beber um vinho safra ruim/ drink a little bad wine
E conversar sobre a tv/ talk about what's on the TV

Vamos pra longe/ Let's go to a wine bar

Sem se tocar os olhos vão/ Without touching our eyes will
Se encontrar e se perder/ meet and lose themselves


Eu e você assim de perto dá/ You and me this close will
Pra eu me perder de vez nas tuas tintas/ make me lose myself in your colours
Me dê uma noite, um pouco da manhã/ Give me a night and a little of the morning
Só pra eu sacar se os olhos mudam de cor (2x)/ Just so I can see if you eyes change colour

Vamos entrar/ Come in

A minha casa não é quente/ My house isn't warm
Trago um vermelho pra esquentar/ I'll bring out the red to warm us up

Vamos suar/ I'll make you sweat

Com o veneno da serpente/ With the poison from a snake
Que eu roubei pra te picar/ that I stole to bite you
*Repeat Second Verse *
Vamos prum lounge/ Let's go to a wine bar


  1. Glad you translated it but I could listen to it without knowing what she was saying. She has an amazing voice. Those things you pointed out remind me of twilight too. Really love this song :) Great pick this week.


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