Saturday, 12 February 2011

Super Mamika

Photographer Sacha Goldberger's was worried his 91 years old Hungarian-born grandmother, Frederika, was getting bored and depressed so... He dressed her up in latex and photographed her as a superhero for his new project. Super Mamika was born and she became a massive Internet hit with over 2000 MySpace followers. Frederika was also a hero in her own life; during WWII, when Hungary was invaded and together with her husband, she helped 11 Jewish friends to shelter from the Nazis. For more information on Super Mamika read the Telegraph article here or visit Sacha Goldberger's website here.

I thought this was amazing and it just comes to show that there is no age limit on having fun! Before I go, just a little note: Mamika means Little Grandmother in Hungarian.

Go Super Mamika, Go!!!

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