Thursday, 17 February 2011

Interview - iPad and the Changes to eBooks

I caught up with the C.E.O. of YUDU Media - Richard Stephenson to discuss the impending rule changes Apple is planning to implement to the way you buy your ebooks at the App Store.

So how would this affect iPad users? Hopefully not at all. You will still be able to buy books as Apps or in Apps, as long as payments go through the App store. The publishers, not the readers, are the ones feeling the pinch. For example, currently, when you click on your Kindle App to buy an ebook you are redirected to the Kindle store on Amazon. After Apple starts reinforcing this particular rule, all the ebooks for iPads have to be purchased through the App Store, which will make it easier for the reader, but means Apple gets a cut of all the sales. The other issues publishers face once the changes take place  are: 1. the subscriptions - Apple currently does not hold a subscription system, where you could, for example, sign to read a newspaper or magazine for a limited amount of time -  and 2. data capture - with all the sales going through the App Store all the data from those sales stays with Apple and not with the publisher.

So where does YUDU Media come in? They have created an App that will make publishers' lives easier and enhance the readers experience. To find out more about it watch my interview with Richard by clicking here and to find out more about YUDU Media Illustrated Book Solutions click here.
For more information click here to read an article over a Macworld.

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