Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Out & About - Cicchetti

Continuing on my Manchester tour... While you are out in Manchester I highly recommend you try the "newest joint" Sao Carlo's Cicchetti.

Cicchetti is a Italian Tapas restaurant located within House of Fraser just off Deansgate and across the road from its big brother Sao Carlo's. The idea here is to order a few little portions of different things to share.

I love this restaurant! It's modern, chic and tasteful. The food is amazing and so are the prices, which to my surprise were not too expensive. This is a fantastic place for drinks or eating and it serves food until 11pm. Being an Italian restaurant, they are also child friendly. The only think to bare in mind is that this is Tapas. So the food will not necessary come in the order you ordered it, but when it is ready, so in drips and drops.

Ambient: *****
Price: ££££
Food: *****
Children: Yes
To check the rating system click here.

Sao Carlos Cicchetti
King Street West, Manchester
Tel: 0161 834 6226

1 comment:

  1. Loved this restaurant while staying at the Lowry Hotel we discovered it. Will be back to eat there oneday. Better still, come open a good resturant like this in Perth, Western Australia.

    Tanti Baci!!


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