Sunday, 11 March 2012

Rebecca Lim Releases Teasers for Fury

With the UK release of Fury, the fourth book on the Mercy series, set to take place on March 29th, Rebecca Lim has released a couple of teasers over at the series' Facebook page - Mercy Books.

'You’ve spoilt me for anyone else in this life, any life, you know that, don’t you?' - RYAN

'Ryan?’ I say shakily. ‘Stay with me.' - MERCY

I don't know about you, but my curiosity is at an all-time high! My heart is already breaking because of the second teaser.Fear is telling me that it doesn't look good for Ryan. What do you think is happening? *_*

Muse, the third book on the series, has been winking at me from my book shelve ever since I bought it. I'm itching to get to it! And I can't wait for the release of Fury. Rebecca has this way of ending her books with cliffhanger that both break your heart and get you completely and utterly hooked.

Ryan, Mercy's love interest, was listed as one of my book crushes on Valentine's Day (read about him here). You can also read my review of Exile, the second book in the series, here and my review of Mercy, the first book, over at Goodreads as well as my interview with Rebecca Lim herself here.

'Fury' Synopsis: 

"Hell hath no fury like an angel scorned…
Heartbreak. Vengeance. Truth. Betrayal.
Everything that has happened to Mercy over millennia has made her who she is. Now she and The Eight wage open war with Luc and his demons, and the earth is their battlefield.
Ryan’s love for Mercy is more powerful than ever, her guiding light in the hour of darkness. But the very love that sustains her, now places Ryan in mortal danger.
Two worlds collide as Mercy approaches her ultimate breathtaking choice.
Hell hath no fury like Mercy …" (Harper Collins UK)


  1. Have read the first 3 books - can't wait to get my little hands on Fury! Wonderful series, my ladies


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