Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Stealing Phoenix Teaser

As promised, here is the last exclusive teaser before the launch of Joss Stirling's 'Stealing Phoenix' on September 1st. 

In Finding Sky, the first book of the series (read my review here), we were introduced to the seven Benedict brothers and the story pivoted around Sky, the girl with no memory of her past, and Zed, the younger brother. In Stealing Phoenix is Yves' turn to take the spotlight.The first teaser was released last month (read it here). Enjoy!

"... I settled the backpack on his shoulders exactly how it had been - I'm good at the details. But now I was standing so close, almost embracing him, and I could see his eyes down the side of his glasses. My heart stopped when I caught sight of his expression. It wasn't the dull glazed look my victims usually wore; he was somehow aware of what was happening, fury burning in his eyes." 

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