Tuesday, 16 August 2011

In the Mail {8} - My Bagabook Book Bag

 Coming back from holiday I had a lot of post to open and, while most of it was really boring stuff (bills), one had me really excited.

You must remember my article about Bagabook a while back (read it here), well... I got one! The exact one I mentioned in the article. It arrived while I was away and it is gorgeous! (Thanks Susan!) Please forgive the photos, they don't do it justice. I had to take them on my phone as I manage to loose my camera while I was away - 'avec' (French for 'with') holiday photos - V.E.R.Y. annoying.

Going back to the bag... It's brilliant! And the quality is really good. We have all been there where you've made a decision based on a photo and when the item comes it is anything but what is on the image you saw. I assure you this will not be the case with these babies. I absolutely love mine and I am sure if you come across me somewhere you will see it in action.

Don't forget that Bagabook has a super promotion available for my readers! Quote the discount code and have 25% off any of the designs. Spread the BLC - Book Love & Care! (For the code click here)


  1. How awesome girl it looks beautiful in the posts so i know it will look even better in person hoping i will be able to get one for my b day or christmas. Enjoy girl.

  2. You dont by chance know how much they are US do u? Just wondering :)

  3. I'll ask Susan, the girl I dealt with, to get hold of you. Could I give her your email address? She should mention it, but don't forget to mention the discount code so you get it cheaper.

  4. I'm so pleased you're thrilled with it! Glad I came across them! When I get back into reading books again, I'll think about getting one (different colour of course!).


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