Saturday, 13 August 2011

A ‘Petit’ Epiphany & Being Thankful

By now I’ve been on holiday for almost three weeks. As all our friends and family have come and gone and even the husband and the daughter are out busy with little jobs. I sit in an empty house.

A few minutes ago I decided to strip off my sun dress and jump in the pool in my undies. Something I have not done for a few years. While I was floating away on my own I had a little epiphany. How blessed am I? Eleven years ago, fresh out of an airplane from Brazil to the UK, I would never have thought I would be standing in St Tropez enjoying the good life. And not for a moment I think I deserve it. I have worked hard ever since I understand myself to be a person, but I’m no sweet smelling rose. Very good opportunities have come my way and I have only gone for them with some determination and willingness. I honestly believe that if you want something bad enough, you can make it happen. However, a little bit of it is also down good luck. God, or whatever you call Him in your culture, country religion, faith or belief, has indeed being good to me.

So while I stared into the sky I took stock of all my blessings and I am grateful. Not only grateful for enjoying the pool in this beautiful villa, but for being healthy, for having a loving family, a healthy and clever child, five fingers in each hand and five toes in each foot, for the gift of loving to read and write, for being born in a culture where woman are free to develop their potential, for having parents who invested in my education, for having all my five senses working just fine, for never have to experience a war on my door step... The list of all the things I’m thankful for is far too big. Sometimes when you are in the rat race, and if you are an unsatisfied ambitions little thing like me, you get so busy running around headless after better and bigger things that you forget to take stock of all your current blessings. So if I can inspire you to do anything today, may that be to be happy for all you are, have and enjoy. Even the smallest little thing like being able to read this blog.

Have a fantastic day!!! ^_^


  1. Thanks girl i really needed that. My life has been not so hot latly being unemployed for two years, me and my husband living with his mom, and not having a place of our own, and i would like to start a family soon but we are def not in a place to do that yet so its been hard to look at the positives. But im going to think about my blessings today and not harper on the bad.

  2. Thanks, Paula. It's so easy to get caught up in the daily stuff that we tend to forget what's really important. This post helped me remember.

  3. You know, because I the blog isn't about my inner chatter I wasn't sure if I should have posted this or not. So I'm sooo glad that this has helped. I can't tell you. I hope things improve soon Laura. Will be praying for you. *virtual hugs and best wishes* P. xx


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